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Causes of Ducted Heating Breakdowns

We all need warmth in our homes during cold weather and seasons. Ducted heating systems have proven to be the best heating solution for your home. Ducted heating systems are efficient, easy to use, easy to control and bring a new level of comfort to your home. However, extended usage of ducted heating systems may cause problems. Sometimes the system breaks down, and repairs are required before they can run well again. These repairs can be the difference between discomfort and having a pleasantly warm home in winter. So, what causes ducted heating systems to break down?

Causes of Ducted Heating Breakdowns

Inadequate Maintenance

Ducted heating systems require that you regularly call a professional to come and conduct routine maintenance on the heater. The expert will identify minor problems with the heating systems or parts that need replacement. Failure to maintain your heater periodically may lead to a breakdown.

Unclean Filters

Filters often trap insects and dust particles. After a long time, they become clogged. Failure to replace them causes the heating systems to use more energy, leading to a breakdown.

Faulty Pilot and Ignition systems

If your heater has a broken pilot system, it may cause your system to break down. Faulty ignition systems are usually as a result of clogging within the radiator.

Wear and tear just like any other machinery, even a well-maintained heating system can break down due to worn out components and age. This wear and tear typically causes heat control problems and reduces the circulation of heated air.

Remedies and Repairs

Replace all your Filters

Clogging filters is the most significant cause of your ducted heating problems. You will need to replace all your filters regularly. If you live in certain areas, dust particles and insects may cause a blockage. A maintenance expert will help you determine how often to replace them 

Install a new ducted heating system

If you have used your heater for more than its recommended lifespan, it would be prudent to get a new one. Old systems break down frequently, make bad noises and cause harm to the environment. Sometimes a recent model is a solution.

Replace or Redesign your Duct system

If your duct systems are crushed, twisted or torn, replace them. These tears cause the heater to use more energy as heat is lost to spaces within the building or rooms that are unoccupied. Another viable option will be to call a design expert to redesign your duct system into a more aesthetic, unique and efficient model. 

Inspect circuit breaker and power supply lines

When your machine suddenly stops functioning, check the circuit breaker and power supply lines. If the safety switch has tripped, turn it back on. If the fuse has blown, replace it. Reconnect the pug if it is disconnected. If the power lines are broken, call an electrician to fix them

Call a Repair Expert

Unless you are a qualified expert, do not attempt to repair your apparatus on your own. Call a professional to assist you. If the heater is still under warranty, call the company for a free repair or replacement.