air conditioning problems

Common Air Conditioning Problems

In summers everyone likes to have a reliable air conditioner which helps in reducing the temperature. The well working air conditioners play a vital role in making life easier especially in hot regions of the world. But unfortunately, most of the people do not pay attention towards maintenance of the air conditioner until they start malfunctioning. The home coziness can be affected by the air conditioning problems and these problems can also magnify the utility bills.

Troubles with Air conditioner:


The malfunctioning of the thermostat is exasperating, it causes difficulty with switching on and if it gets on but does not work well. A defective thermostat shows that compressor in the air conditioner has worn out and cause heating.

AC Drainage:

The drainage of water from AC is another issue which is caused due to the condensate clog line is not working or the air filter is dirty.

Weird Noises:

A number of odd noises including squealing, grinding is most common. Normally the squealing sound points out that the AC requires the lubrication as the has been incorrectly positioned.

Not smooth cooling:

Because of bad airflow from your vents become the cause of uneven cooling in a room. Due to this uneven flow of water, some part of the room is hotter or cooler than the other parts of the same room.

The air is not cold another issue which we are commonly facing. The reason behind it is that the compressor is failed or not working well.

High Cost:

When utility bills start rising in comparison to our previous bills it is pointing out that the air conditioning system is not working well as it should. The reason behind it can be the dirt which has blocked the normal working of the air conditioner.

AC switched on for a Long Time:

The Air conditioner should be sized appropriately according to the size of the home or a particular area. And avoid unnecessary use of AC as it is not required. The bigger AC unit is not always the requirement, as bigger is not always better. 


There are different easy solutions for air conditioner problems as drainage problem can be repaired by using a special vacuum to aspirate dirt, mud and other material that congest in the drain line. For optimal results, there should be air filter replaced every three months. If AC does not provide cool air then you should clean AC vents on a regular basis for keeping perfect airflow and clean the ducts clean as well. Preventing any kind of problem air conditioner system must be examined and maintained every year. If your unit creates odd noises then it’s time to replace your unit.

For the lifespan use of air conditioner, there is a less known fact that the area around the condenser must be clear and provide the shade of wood or crumpled metal through which heat depletion and protection of the unit from direct sunlight is possible. However cool temperature reduces the work and guarantees a long term use.

In conclusion, we can say that without regular inspections, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, the problems will aggravate and in the end, you will have a much bigger repair bill.