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Importance of Regular Ducted Heating Service

Ducted heating is the perfect way of providing warmth for your whole family; it heats the whole house and helps a lot of homeowners during the cold season.

Using other means of heating often restricts heating to one room; ducted heating, however, leaves your whole house warm. During installation, ducts are strategically placed around the house so that you can be able to enjoy even distribution of air around the house as it is well known to a number of people.

Ducted heating is a bit expensive to buy and install but is totally worth your money, if you purchase the right model that is energy efficient, and place them at strategic locations they can be the very effective heating solution.

Installation of the system always cost at least $7000-$10000 depending on the type of system, the cost of ducted heating service normally ranges from $500-$1000

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Signs that you need to repair your ducted heating system

You know you are up for repairs if you notice the following in your ducted heating system;

  • Blowing of cold air even though you set the temperature for warm
  • Weak blowing than usual
  • Different sounds from the usual one
  • Weird smell such as the smell of carbon monoxide

If you notice any of these changes you should get a professional to get it fixed, this is because carbon monoxide leakage is dangerous for you and your family. It can also cause allergic reactions like sneezing, coughing or sometimes skin irritation; skin irritation can be caused by allergens present in the air. Long term malfunction of a ducted heating system could affect those people with respiratory diseases, those with asthma especially children and older people.

Ducted heating service includes; adequate inspection of airflow and performance, checks for holes or cracks, removing and cleaning of system parts and testing carbon monoxide levels

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Benefits of servicing your ducted heating system

Here are some of the benefits of regularly servicing your ducted heating system;

1. Energy saving

When your heating system is compromised, it stops working efficiently and therefore uses up more energy than usual. Regular servicing ensures that your ducted heating system is working efficiently hence lowering your utility bills.

2. Increased comfort

The point of you getting a ducted heating system installed was to make your home more comfortable, a malfunctioning system cannot achieve that and that is why you should ensure that it gets proper servicing every now and then.

3. Enhances safety

A maintained heating system produces small quantities of carbon monoxide which are carried away through the vents; a malfunctioned system, however, produces amounts of carbon monoxide that is harmful to your family. Getting your system serviced ensures that you are not in any danger of gas poisoning.

4. Durability

Getting your heating system serviced increases the lifespan of the equipment, efficient working of your equipment elongates its lifespan and reduces the chances of it breaking down.


Just like servicing your car, maintenance and repair of your ducted heating system will ensure that the equipment is working efficiently and improves the hygienic state of your home.