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Services Offered by Air Conditioning Specialists

There are lots of things around the house that breakdown, and most often than not, it happens at the least expected moment. Faulty plumbing, broken doors or cabinets, television shutting down and cannot be turned on again, electric fans slowing to a stop, rodent and pest control, or maybe cleaning and repainting the entire house. You would definitely need assistance to make sure that everything goes back to normal.

During the hot summer months, it is quite annoying and stressful if your air conditioner suddenly stops in the middle of the night while asleep, or it doesn’t blow cool air anymore like it is just on fan-mode. In times like these, you need professional air conditioning service.

aircon service

There are actually four distinct categories that fall under air conditioning services; installation, repair, maintenance, and dismantling/relocation. Let us help you analyze these service types so that you would know what to call-in should something happen to your air con system. Installation is usually done either you just purchased a new unit. If this is your concern, the air conditioning specialists should offer you the following:

  • A low-cost site survey
  • Free quotation on the set-up and installation
  • Complete Installation
  • Aftercare and Maintenance Needed

If in case you have an existing air conditioner unit and it just so happens to breakdown, you would need to call in a repair. The air conditioning specialist will then provide you with the following information:

  • Free quotation on the possible repair to be done
  • Repair Service Fees
  • Free onsite diagnostics
  • Discuss which replacement parts are needed (after completing diagnostic testing of the faulty unit)
  • Provide a quotation for the installation of the required replacement parts
  • Replacement of faulty parts (if technicians already brought the replacement parts)
  • The suggested pullout of the unit (if further testing is required and cannot be done on site)
  • Dry-run/Testing of repaired air conditioner
air conditioning repair

Sometimes the AC just blows regular air, without the coolness that it normally brings. In this case, you will call in maintenance for the unit. Your air conditioning service specialist should be able to provide you with the following:

  • Scheduling of maintenance service
  • Service rates
  • Discounts on pricing for cleaning, or additional Freon
  • Dry-run/Testing of air conditioning unit after maintenance

If you need to replace an old unit with a new one, or perhaps transfer your current unit to another room (location), then you would need to call-in a dismantling and relocation service. For that particular task, you should advise the air conditioner specialist of the following:

  • Inform where the unit will be transferred (2nd floor, back room, etc)
  • Inform if it will just be attached, or would need to create fixtures

The air conditioning specialist will then be able to provide you with:

  • Service Rates
  • Possible discounts for additional materials needed
  • Discounted aftercare and (future) maintenance
air conditioning repair

If you notice that your air conditioning does not perform under acceptable terms, do not hesitate to call a professional air conditioning service expert. If you are not trained, nor capable of doing an air con repair or cleaning, it would be best to let the experts handle the situation. In doing so, you will save time, discomfort and higher repair or maintenance costs.